Our Team

Rebecca – Salon Director - Very Senior Stylist

Favourite hair technique: Hair Cutting! Giving hair movement. Foiling and loving all blondes.

Favourite music: 70s and 80s

Guilty Pleasure: Blocks and blocks of chocolate.. eek..

Best advice: Don’t wait for life to get easy to be happy and Fate leads those who will, those who won’t it drags.

Something everyone wishes she wouldn’t do: Singing to her clients

Dot – Manager - Senior Stylist

Favourite hair technique: Low-maintenance colours: balayage and dimensional brunettes

Favourite music: Classic Rock and Australian Indie

Guilty Pleasure: Blasting show tunes in the car

Hobbies: Going to live music, hot girl walks and gardening

Codie – Senior Stylist

Favourite hair technique: Coppers and dimensional blondes

Favourite music: Aussie Pub Classics

Guilty pleasure: Anything PINK!

Best advice: Always use heat protection

Pet Peeve: Stinky people on the bus 

Sam - Senior Stylist

Favourite hair technique: All colour work.. especially blondes!! 

Favourite music: Many different kinds! EDM, rock, pop and heavy metal

Guilty pleasure: Cuppa tea and somehing sweet after dinner

Best advice: Don’t hold back waiting for the ‘right time’ Just do it now! 

Pet Peeve: I dislike having to repeat myself to rude impatient people.

Amelia - Second Year Apprentice

Favourite technique: Brow Waxing to perfection, eyelash and brow tinting. Amelia loves how it gives her clients so much confidence and makes such a difference to their eyes. xx

Favourite music: 80’s and 90’s

Guilty pleasure: poetry and horror movies

Best advice: Why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary

Tynesha - Emerging Stylist - Third Year

Favourite hair technique: Everything

Favourite music: Literally everything 

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate

Best advice: Don’t be hard on yourself

Pet peeve: When someone asks for advice and then ignores my advice. xx

Lola – Salon Supervisor

Favourite hair technique: Getting her fur brushed by clients

Favourite song: Who Let the Dogs Out

Guilty Pleasure: Clients laps, terrorising the dogs of Gordon Park, vomiting on Bec’s wooden floors

Hobbies: Playing with big dogs and being socially awkward

Ollie - Salon Bouncer

Favourite hair technique: Lola dragging him around the salon in his bed by the tail

Favourite song: (How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window?

Guilty Pleasure: Dot’s lunch when she thinks it is safely hidden, watching other puppies as they are walking by the salon… thinking they are safe from his ever watching eyes.

Hobbies: jumping on clients laps in a single bound when they tell him how cute he is is.

Team Melt -

When you come in and meet us, all you will hear is laughter, singing and fun banter. We are a group of hairdressers who have a passion for what we do. 

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