Davines Superactives – our latest obsession!

Being blessed enough to have the entire Davines arsenal at our disposal often means we become blasé to some of our most amazing products… The superactive line is one of those.

So what are they? Super concentrated serums and sprays from each line of the NaturalTech families.

We often think of our hair difficulties starting with the hair we can see. The problem with this mindset is that this hair is already dead. These Superactives target to nourish the scalp and all the hair underneath that is actually alive!

We don’t just use a cleanser and moisturiser on our face, likewise, if we are only using shampoo and conditioner, our hair isn’t going to be as fabulous as it could be.

Below I have a few of our most favourite Superactives!


Ladies with fine and delicate hair: may I present your new best friend. The Energizing Superactive prevents hair loss, strengthens your hair to thicken the strands and promotes new growth. Yes please!
My hair never grows and when it does it’s super fine, I’m prone to bald patches and recently been a stack of hair has been falling out due to stress (moving houses). I have been using this one for the past fortnight and already there’s been a dramatic change. After such a small period of time, my hair has grown noticeably quicker, and all my baby hairs are looking and feeling longer and thicker – this has never happened before.
The science? Formulated with the Davines Hair Energy Complex, this baby has caffeine and peppermint to stimulate and nourish the scalp, creating the perfect environment for hair growth.

Bec’s favourite! If you’ve spent more than an hour in our salon, you would know I’m ALWAYS going off at Bec for how she treats her hair. She is a master at creating gorgeous and healthy hair on others but completely neglects her own.

When I first met Bec the amount of damage going on was unreal. She had pieces that were an inch long that had just snapped off. Then she met Nourishing. These 1inch frizzies are now long layers! Her hair feels soft and healthy… totally different to before.

If you feel as though no matter how much moisture you put in your hair it never gets better, Keratin Sealer might be exactly what you need. The Keratin Sealer is full of protein to help prevent split ends, increase brightness and protect the hair structure. It literally seals down the ends and moisturises – the perfect leave in for those using heat styling or who have over processed hair.


This is a basin staple. Us girls at Melt ADORE the Calming Spray.

Some of us are prone to sensitive scalps, no matter what we use and this Superactive is the answer to that.

Perfect to use at home after washing if you find your head is always sore and itchy.

Simply spritz over the scalp, massage in and you are rewarded with a scalp that has never known irritation.

I still remember the first time I used this on a client, just after an on-scalp lightening service. If you’ve ever had one of these, you know how tender the scalp can be. There’s often redness that sticks around for a day. Not anymore. After about 5 minutes the scalp is completely calmed with no sign of irritation. It’s incredible.

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